Support Norwood Fine Arts by dedicating a seat in the Paul M. Alberta Performing Arts Center

The Norwood Public Schools have a long and proud tradition of excellence in the fine arts, providing a comprehensive fine arts education from the elementary level through high school. NPS extra-curricular drama, music, visual arts and television programs have received numerous awards and widespread recognition at the local, state, and national levels.

But severe budget cuts threaten to compromise the quality of in-school fine arts education and endanger the very existence of all extra-curricular programs. To meet this unprecedented need NFACT has partnered with the NPS Department of Fine Arts to offer you a unique opportunity to support the fine arts in our schools.

An engraved plaque, 1ā€ x 3ā€, will be affixed to the armrest of each seat in the Lincoln D. Lynch Auditorium at the Paul M. Alberta Performing Arts Center. Each plaque can be engraved with three lines of text: individual names, family names, a business or organization name, or a dedication “In honor of” or “In memory of” the person you choose.


Donate and order an engraved plaque for your seat by mail or online using Paypal. Seat dedication donation: $100 per individual or family $250 per business or organization

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Please print the form below and mail along with your check to sponsor a seat to:

PO Box 104
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